Aeon meaning

Variant of eon. Theology often capital gnosticism one of the powers emanating from the supreme being and culminating in the demiurge. Switch to new thesaurus. Gnosticism - a religious orientation advocating gnosis as the way to release a person's spiritual element; considered heresy by Christian churches.

A long time: eternitylongyear used in plural. Informal: age used in pluralblue moon. Idioms: forever and a dayforever and evermonth of Sundays. Mentioned in? References in classic literature? During the three terrible hours that the play had lasted, he had lived centuries of pain, aeon upon aeon of torture.

View in context. Next time they would giveme double. Only the old moon would shine on serenely, the night wind would stir the grasses, and the wide earth would take its rest, even as it did aeons before we were, and will do aeons after we have been forgotten. And when Bragelonne, ardent, angry, and melancholy, spoke with contempt of royal words, of the equivocal faith which certain madmen draw from promises that emanate from thrones, when, passing over two centuries, with that rapidity of a bird that traverses a narrow strait to go from one continent to the other, Raoul ventured to predict the time in which kings would be esteemed as less than other men, Athos said to him, in his serene, persuasive voice, "You are right, Raoul; all that you say will happen; kings will lose their privileges, as stars which have survived their aeons lose their splendor.

I used to refute him by telling him that I measured his immortality by the wings of his soul, and that I should have to live endless aeons in order to achieve the full measurement. And he punched on and on, slower and slower, as the last shreds of vitality oozed from him, through centuries and aeons and enormous lapses of time, until, in a dim way, he became aware that the nameless thing was sinking, slowly sinking down to the rough board-planking of the bridge. More than a hundred participants attended the event highlighting Aeon Towers, the trailblazing high-rise building along J.

Aeon Luxe stages Kadayawan-themed Open House. Aeon Co. Aeon plans to buy NOAH apartments. Dictionary browser? Full browser?The major arcana videos are yet to be remade. The Three Aeons have been outlined in a previous article. The Aeon of the current era is meant to be the rulership of the dual God of Heru Ra Ha, the special name given to Horus, the product of Hadit and Nuit.

Occupies the path between Hod and Malkuth. Hod is the seat of Human Intelligence as well as harnessed willpower whilst Malkuth represents the physical world. The Aeon Card connecting them implies the blending of energies between the two sephira so we have:.

The evolution of human consciousness and understanding Hod about the nature of our physical reality Malkuth. Our consciousness becomes more universal as we see the Oneness behind creation.

Older perspectives are burned away by spiritual fire. In the Aeon Card it is gold in colour and Horus stands on it as shown below:. In the Crowley version there are 3 figures kneeling inside the Yods at the top of the letter. The Yods represent fire and the kneeling figures represent Spirit.

There is an astrological connection here with Libra as we can see by the arch like background around the letter Shin. Associated with FIRE shown symbolically in the lower right of the card which is responsible for purification as the old is swept away to make way for the new.

This is related to the divinatory meaning of the card which is major change. It has nothing to do with Christian apocalyptic scenarios and is concerned with the Spiritual Fire of the Microcosm and Macrocosm.

We have books such as those below describing the Fire of Creation Macrocosm, the Universe and the Kundalini Fire microcosm, in man.

For instance John The Baptist says of Jesus :. This is also described Biblically in the Book of Revelations:. During the day she is once again swallowed up by the Sun. She represents unlimited possibility or potential. On the left is a spiked pattern representing the formed universe and these resemble the heart beat. The wavy lines on the right anklet represent the great formless universe. She therefore contains the ALL.

This diagram shows Hadit representing Kether on the Tree of Life. Hadit is also Phallic like so in terms of sexual alchemy it shows the penetration of Nuit. He activates her dormant potential and being winged and phallic like has the property of motion and representing Kether has infinite knowledge to release into the infinite potential of Nuit.To save this word, you'll need to log in.

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aeon meaning

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Aeon (Gnosticism)

Build a city of skyscrapers—one synonym at a time. Login or Register. Save Word. Log In. Examples of aeon in a Sentence it's been aeons since I saw a movie at the multiplex glaciers that formed aeons ago.

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More Definitions for aeon. Kids Definition of aeon. Comments on aeon What made you want to look up aeon? Get Word of the Day daily email! Test Your Vocabulary. Love words? Need even more definitions? The awkward case of 'his or her'.In different systems these emanations are differently named, classified, and described, but emanation theory is common to all forms of Gnosticism. Complex hierarchies of Aeons are thus produced, sometimes to the number of thirty.

These Aeons belong to a purely ideal, noumenalintelligible, or supersensible world; they are immaterial, they are hypostatic ideas. The lowest regions of Pleroma are closest to darkness—that is, the physical world. The transition from immaterial to material, from noumenal to sensible, is created by a flaw, passion, or sin in an Aeon.

This creature does not belong to Pleroma, and the One emanates two savior Aeons, Christ and the Holy Spiritto save humanity from the Demiurge. Christ then took a human form Jesusto teach humanity how to achieve Gnosis.

Aeons bear a number of similarities to Judaeo-Christian angels, including roles as servants and emanations of God, and existing as beings of light. In fact, certain Gnostic Angels, such as Armozel, are also Aeons.

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The Gnostic Gospel of Judasrecently found, purchased, held, and translated by the National Geographic Societyalso mentions Aeons and speaks of Jesus' teachings about them. Valentinus assumed, as the beginning of all things, the Primal Being or Bythos, who after ages of silence and contemplation, gave rise to other beings by a process of emanation.

The first series of beings, the Aeons, were thirty in number, representing fifteen syzygies or pairs sexually complementary. One common form is outlined below: [3]. The Valentinian system was, until recently, only known through the criticisms of its opponents; however, the discovery of the Nag Hammadi library has given access to Valentinian texts, including sources that have been tentatively identified as written by Valentinus.

Tertullian 's Against the Valentinians gives a slightly different sequence.

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The first eight of these Aeons, corresponding to generations one through four below, are referred to as the Ogdoad. According to Irenaeus[6] the followers of the Gnostics Ptolemy and Colorbasus had Aeons that differ from those of Valentinus.

aeon meaning

Logos is created when Anthropos learns to speak. The first four are called the Tetradand the eight are the Ogdoad deities of the Ancient Egyptian pantheon.

The order of Anthropos and Ecclesia versus Logos and Zoe is somewhat debated; different sources give different accounts. Logos and Zoe are unique to this system as compared to the previous, and may be an evolved version of the first, totalling 32 Aeons, but it is not clear if the first two were actually regarded Aeons.

In the system of Valentinus, as expounded by Irenaeus i. The male was called Bythos or Proarche, or Propator, etc. The whole Aeonology of Valentinus was based on a theory of syzygies, or pairs of Aeons, each Aeon being provided with a consort; and the supposed need of the co-operation of a male and female principle for the generation of new ones, was common to Valentinus and some earlier Gnostic systems. But it was a disputed point in these systems whether the First Principle of all was thus twofold.

There were those, both in earlier systems, and even among the Valentinians who held, that the origin of things was to be traced to a single Principle, which some described as hermaphrodite ; others said was above all sex.

And among the Valentinians who counted thirty Aeons, there were those who counted Bythos and Sige as the first pair; others who asserted the Single Principle excluded Bythos from the number, and made out the number of thirty without reckoning him.Add aeon to one of your lists below, or create a new one.

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Examples of aeon. So what is present if we use the expression ' the present aeon ' is an aeon' the present week ' is a week. From Cambridge English Corpus. It is older than life itself, it predates human existence and it flowed over the land aeons before man learned to speak. These examples are from the Cambridge English Corpus and from sources on the web.

Any opinions in the examples do not represent the opinion of the Cambridge Dictionary editors or of Cambridge University Press or its licensors. He had aeons of time to do so. From the Hansard archive. Example from the Hansard archive.

Contains Parliamentary information licensed under the Open Parliament Licence v3.

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It has been unified for aeons of time. I hope that we can be given some idea today of when the priorities board will report as it seems to have been in cogitation for aeons.

Thoth Aeon Tarot Card Tutorial

The contraction of the earth's sphere is the physical shrinkage of age that is measured in aeons instead of years. From Wikipedia. Fermions, on the other hand, remain confined to a given aeon. And with strange aeons even death may die. The relief of the internal pressure that has built up in rocks that have been underground for aeons can cause them to shatter. A planet has been knocked out of its solar orbit, and the hives have survived deep underground for aeons. But it would be a mistake to view this new aeon simply as another tick on a great cosmic clock.

Aeon is generally not impressed with his grand plans, going so far as to call him a deranged individual in one episode.When it was spent, they would rest for aeonthen stir again. After what seemed an aeonthey saw that it was daylight outside. For a moment, precious as an aeonshe held her hands upon me—then slowly opened her eyes. Given such a culture-hero, the common herd was capable of carrying on more or less mechanically for an aeon or so. Don't you remember what happened to the passengers of the Aeonwhen that steamer was wrecked on Christmas Island?

Take this quiz on the Words of the Day from April 6—12 to find out! Words nearby aeon aeolicaeolipileaeolisaeolotropicaeolusaeonaeonianaepyornisaeq.

Origin of eon see origin at aeon. Words related to aeon termspanstretchseasonagecourseeratimedurationstagedatecyclerevolutionseriesperiodrhythmroundlifegenerationmillennium.

Lewis Rand Mary Johnston. The Call of the Beaver Patrol V. Wilfrid Cumbermede George MacDonald. Progress and History Various. By Right of Conquest Arthur Hornblow. The longest division of geologic timecontaining two or more eras. All rights reserved.The Aeon or Judgement, Last Judgement, Atonement, Resurrection is numbered twenty and often shows figures arising from graves in answer to the clarion call of an angel.

The Thoth deck veers away from the Christian overtones and instead we see the goddess Nuit, a primal sky goddess from the beginning of creation. Her body is arched above our heads and curves to imply the ankh cross, a symbol of immortality and life. A child-like male figure stands within the ankh's loop with his finger to his lips in the traditional mystical gesture of silence. A seated regal figure is behind him.

aeon meaning

Both figures are said to represent Horus, first as child and then as ruler. Horus was the son of Osiris and Isis. When his father was murdered by his brother Set, Horus was protected and raised by Isis. Horus' ascension to manhood triggered a series of battles with Set, culminating in his assumption to the throne of Egypt.

Set was sent away defeated and thus Horus is seen as a god of redemption. The Aeon forces us to acknowledge that our actions set up a chain of cause-and-effect for which we are solely responsible.

Here we pass through the fire of purification, shedding dead and dying wood as we go. We judge ourselves frankly, forgive, and leave the past behind. And then we are free to step into the light.

aeon meaning

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Working with the Aeon.

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